Recapping Thailand’s covid-19 situation: What we know so far

The following is a recap of the major headlines, statistics and locations of the coronavirus outbreak in Thailand so far.

As of Wednesday morning, there have been 827 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

There have been four deaths from the disease.

Since the outbreak began in January, 57 patients have recovered while 766 remain in hospital.

State of Emergency
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha told reporters on Tuesday that he would declare a State of Emergency on Thursday, March 26.

He said details would be revealed later about what measures would be put in place.

The State of Emergency allows him to impose a curfew, restrict travel and gatherings and also shut down press publishing fake news.


The virus has now spread across 46 provinces (breakdown in numbers here) with more expected as internal migrants return home following the shutdown of large metropolitan areas.

The Ministry of Public Health has released an exposure chart showing date and time where members of the public could have been at risk.

We have that breakdown here –> Full Story

Income Relief

The Cabinet has approved a second relief package for employees that have lost their jobs, and businesses that have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.

This includes a measure to hand out 5,000 baht per month for a period of three months for workers and part-time employees that are not registered with the social security system. The government estimated that there are around 3 million people that could be eligible for the hand out.

For workers and employees that are part of the social security system, they will receive 50 per cent of their wages for 180 days if their employer went out of business, or for 90 days if their employer was ordered to temporarily close down by the government.

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