Migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to stay until June

The cabinet on Tuesday approved measures to ease immigration regulations that will allow registered migrant workers and their children from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar to continue to stay and work in the Kingdom until June 30. 

The eased rules came after the announcement that a state of emergency will be declared on March 26. The penalty for overstay will be lifted and regulations to extend the workers’ work permits will be amended. 

Employers can register their migrant worker employees online with the Ministry of Labour until March 31 to ensure they will not be fined with the overstay penalty, which costs 500 baht per day.

Workers’ existing work permits will continue to be valid until June 30. Their children, who need to show evidence of being the child of the migrant worker and be aged under 18, will also be able to stay in the Kingdom within the period of time. 

This will lessen the number of migrant workers coming in and out of the country, which will help control the spread of coronavirus within the region, Narumon Pinyosinwat, a government spokesperson said.


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