Thailand’s virus toll surges past 1,000 confirmed cases; officials project 3,500 cases by end of April

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health announced 111 more coronavirus cases on Thursday bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 1,045.

Thailand becomes the second South East Asian nation to break 1,000 cases after Malaysia. Experts say that the confirmed toll in Indonesia could be much higher than the reported 790.

953 patients remain in hospital in Thailand with 88 discharged and 4 fatalities.

Thailand’s public health ministry said on Thursday that there were a significant number of cases being transported to the provinces by people returning from the metropolitan areas.

Ministry spokesman Dr Anupong Sujariyakul said that if the current trend continues and government measures are not strong enough Thailand will have around 3,500 cases by the end of April with the majority of cases within the Bangkok metropolitan area.

“I hope that we do not reach this number,” Anupong said. “But it will require the efforts of us all.”

State of Emergency

Thailand’s government has declared a state of emergency from Thursday until April 30 to combat against the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha’s government has put in place several rules and regulations that are designed to mitigate the growing number of cases and ensure the rule of law over the next few weeks.

Read more about them here.

Regional numbers

We have also have a breakdown of cases by region. You can read more here.

At-risk website

The ministry also announced on Thursday a new website at ( which shows where the outbreak is, what locations the patients visited, and what dates they were there.

The website will also feature guidelines and health tips including signs to look for if one suspects that they have contracted the disease.

The ministry in conjunction with the AOT have also released a monitoring applications for those entering the country or needing to self-quarantine. ( )


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