Thailand confirms 89 new coronavirus patients; manhunt underway for Thais escaping quarantine

Thailand’s government confirmed on Saturday 89 new coronavirus patients and one more fatality as the total number of patients climbed to 2,067 infected.

“Although the number has come down under one hundred, it is still high and we must help each other,” said Government Spokesman Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin.

Government figures revealed that 31 more patients had recovered from the disease bringing the total number of recovered to 612 patients.

Dr Taweesin said that returning Thais from abroad were contributing to new infections and that Thais must cooperate to stop the spread of disease.

The spokesman mentioned a group of Thais who returned Friday night to Suvarnabhumi Airport and refused to submit to government-mandated quarantine.

Of 158 returnees, 152 ‘escaped’ from the airport after refusing to cooperate.

“The Prime Minister is not happy that this incident happened at the airport and we are working to ensure it does not happen again,” said Dr Taweesin.

“Because we have not received your cooperation, we must now go out and find you. All 152 returnees last night must come back under state quarantine,” he said. “You have put your parents and families at risk by returning home. If you do not submit to quarantine, you will face the consequences under the law.”


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