The end of an era: Kom Chad Luek daily newspaper announces cessation

Mass-circulation Thai-language newspaper Kom Chad Luek, or คมชัดลึก (sharp, clear, deep), announced its cessation on Wednesday after 19 years, citing its inability to keep up with the changing media landscape and economic environment amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

This news came after the newspaper released its final circulation, issue 6605, on Wednesday, along with a closing statement from the company. 

“The past five years has been a clear indication of the changing landscape and behavior of news consumption, with more consumers moving into the digital world,” the statement read. “When we [Kom Chad Luek] moved ourselves online, we had the objective of slowly integrating our publication into the digital world in the following years.” 

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, that plan has to be cut short.

“Indeed, the outbreak of the coronavirus in Thailand has pushed us to end our daily circulation newspapers and fully move our content online earlier than expected,” the statement read.

Launched in 2001 under the Nation Multimedia Group, Thailand, Kom Chad Luek has been serving newsreaders nationwide for the past 19 years.

Thailand’s print media has been in steep decline for the past decade, with more and more of the world moving online. Research shows that online media has “disrupted” the traditional media landscape for print and newspapers, with advertising revenues for Thai newspapers having declined continuously for the past 6-7 years. 


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