Just the issues: Paibul Nititawan

Paibul Nititawan is the deputy leader of the Palang Pracharath Party. He is a former member of the 2014 junta’s constitutional drafting committee.

Do you support gay marriage?

Yes, there must be liberty.

Do you support abortion rights for women?

Yes, women must be educated on the health risks though. We are men, we should not interfere in the body of women.

Is climate change real and should we spend money to fight it?

It is up to the scientists. I am not a scientist but we should follow the research.

Should we increase minimum wage?

The relevant ministries must come together to decide. I personally want it to increase but we have to understand the viewpoint of businesses as well.

Should marijuana be legal?

Yes it should be legal but it must not be used irresponsibly. There should be a tax like the ones we have on alcohol and cigarettes.

Should prostitution be legal?

We need to view this from all sides. We are also a Buddhist country. It should definitely be decriminalized but legalization is maybe too much.

Should we get rid of the military draft?

No, we need it to protect the country. I understand people don’t want to be soldiers so until we can have enough volunteers then it is necessary.


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