Just the Issues: Pita Limjaroenrat

Pita Limjaroenrat is the leader of the Move Forward Party.

Do you support gay marriage?

Yes, we support diversity

Do you support abortion rights for women?

Yes, people should be able to take control of their own body parts

Is climate change real and should we spend money to fight it?

Of course, we definitely need to spend more money on climate problems

Should we increase the minimum wage?

Yes, conditionally. We need to take into account both the minimum wage as well as the economy as a whole. But definitely people deserve better.

Should marijuana be legal?

Definitely, I am a medical marijuana user for the past 20 years and I understand how necessary it is when typical western drugs don’t work. I have epilepsy. Sometimes traditional medicine doesn’t work. I used it once when I was in Texas and I still use it when I feel epileptic.

Should prostitution be legal?

Yes, because we will be able to see it as a more transparent activity to mitigate if there is any abuse that comes from prostitution, rather than keeping it under the rug.

Should we get rid of the military draft?

Definitely, Its time we live in the new world and our definition of security has changed and we haven’t been at war in a long time.


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