Government says all emergency orders extended until the end of May; jeopardizing easing measures

Thailand’s government passed an executive order late Wednesday mandating that all emergency decrees that it had enacted to be continued until the end of May.

The executive order, published in the Royal Gazette and signed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha, states that “all orders whether prohibitive measures, relief measures, or actions” will be continued until amended by the government.

The order will last from May 1 until May 31.

This means that relief and easing measures set to be introduce by various governors around the country, including Bangkok, may be in jeopardy as it is now unclear whether the governors will continue to enjoy the autonomy that they have experienced so far.

It also means that the loophole which allowed for alcohol purchases on May 1-2 will now be closed.

The government had said it was considering easing lockdown measures earlier in the week but the new orders will supersede those concerns.

Thailand has seen lowering infection numbers with Wednesday marking the third straight day where new infections were in the single digits.

Despite this, the Ministry of Public Health said that the country must still be vigilant and not open up to fast as it may lead to a ‘second wave’ of infections.


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