Thailand discovers three new coronavirus cases; begins to ease lockdown measures

The Thai government said on Sunday that it had discovered three new coronavirus cases bringing the total number of infected to 3,028 patients.

All three new patients were Thai students in state quarantine. One was a student returning from Pakistan while the other two were students returning from Egypt.

There were no new fatalities in the last 24 hours with the death toll still at 56.

One more person has recovered from the disease bringing the total number of recoveries to 2,856 cases.

116 patients remain in hospital.

Second-round of easing

Sunday was the first day of the government’s program to relax lockdown measures.

The government announced that the curfew would be relaxed by an hour with a national curfew now between 11pm-4am.

Shopping malls and community malls will be allowed to open but must be closed by 8 pm. Shops inside malls can open as normal. However, fitness centers, gyms, and cinemas inside the malls must remain closed.

Beauticians and some cosmetic surgery clinics will also be allowed to open but operations on the face and nose will not be allowed.

Independent gyms can open but equipment that is shared will not be allowed to be used including treadmills, bikes, and elliptical machines.

Pools can be open but must limit the number of swimmers.

Restaurants will also be allowed to be re-open but the consumption of alcohol is still forbidden inside the restaurants.

Non-contact sports and team sports of not more than three persons per team will also be allowed to take place including badminton, fencing, and tennis.


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