Thai Netizens flock to alternative social media platform following the creation of Twitter’s official Thailand account

Thai Twitter users are flocking to alternative social media platforms in search of a safe environment for freedom of expression following the creation of Twitter’s official Thailand account.

The twitter hashtag #ทวิตเตอร์แอปขี้หีรอวันเจ๊ง started trending in the last 24 hours as users shared an alternative to Twitter: Minds.

The social media platform recently posted to their Twitter page that they were receiving heavy traffic from Thailand. 

The migration to Minds comes after last Thursday’s announcement that Twitter created an official Thailand account.

The Twitter hashtag #ไม่เอาทวิตเติอร์ไทยแลนด์, or ‘We don’t want Twitter Thailand’ began trending immediately after the account’s creation.

The negative sentiments towards the new Twitter page stem from the fear that this will further hinder people’s right to freedom of expression.

According to Twitter’s blog post, the social networking service has been “cooperating” with NGOs and government departments and ministries for the past 12 months.

This has led many Thai users to block and report the page as a sign of protest over the implication that their information has been provided to the Thai government.

Thais have used Twitter regularly for the past decade to address taboo topics in Thai society ranging from political opposition to the country’s monarchy.


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