Palang Pracharat dissolves executive council; triggers automatic leadership vote

Ruling Party Palang Pracharat announced on Monday that 18 members of its executive committee had resigned triggering a leadership vote within 45 days, the deputy party leader said.

“We must now schedule a meeting to carry out the leadership vote, right now there are no set dates,” Palang Pracharat Deputy Party Leader Paibul Nititawan told Thai Enquirer.

Paibul said that there are no confirmed candidates to be the new party leader yet.

The announcement comes amid rumors of infighting in the party between defunct party leader Uttama Savanayana and deputy prime minister Prawit Wongsuwan.

“It will be up to the party to decide,” Paibul said.

Paibul said that the leadership vote was an internal party matter and that it is unclear yet how it might affect the makeup of the ruling coalition.

However inside sources within the Palang Pracharat party tell Thai Enquirer that should General Prawit win the leadership struggle, it could mean the removal of economic tsar Somkid Jatusripitak who is closely aligned with Uttama.

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