Move Forward Party to push bill granting same-sex marriage in Thailand

The Move Forward Party will push a bill amending the Civil and Commercial Code Book 5 (Marriage) to legalize same-sex marriage, Tunyawaj Kamolwongwat, the MP of Move Forward Party said on Sunday. 

They seek to grant equal marital rights for men, women, and the LGBTQ+ community whose identity do not match their assigned gender at birth.

Tunyawuj said that he will propose this bill on Tuesday to members of the Move Forward party, the coalition government party and the opposition parties to sign.

According to Article 27 paragraph 3 of the Constitution, the current law states that marriage is limited to only men and women.

This is unfair discrimination to people “on the basis of gender” and it is time for us to resolve and end this discrimination, Tunyawaj said.

Tunyawuj and his party drafted this Act based on research they developed with the approval of the public.

The new bill will create equality for the LGBTQ+ community and it will neither affect nor interfere with the rights men and women were granted previously in regards to marriage.

All genders will have the same duty and rights as heterosexual marriages.

They will be able to support one another; have the right to claim support; have inheritance rights; adoption rights; guardianship rights; the right to use a surname in conjunction with the other party; and the right to apply for citizenship.

This bill, once accepted by the government, will be recognized and accepted internationally.

It will also contribute to a more just society, inheriting the spirit of the Future Forward Party in making Thailand free and equal for all genders and orientations.


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