Ruling party denies that it is trying to ‘buy’ opposition MPs

The ruling Palang Pracharath party said on Friday that rumours that it was trying to coerce or convince MPs of the opposition and coalition to join the party was simply untrue and part of an opposition campaign to discredit the party.

Rumours had circulated among Thai politicians for weeks that the Palang Pracharath party would siphon money out of the 1.9 trillion baht coronavirus relief fund to recruit wantaway MPs from rival parties.

Palang Pracharath Deputy Leader Paibul Nititawan told Thai Enquirer that the rumours were simply “untrue.”

“The opposition will say anything and accuse us of anything to make us look bad,” Paibul said. “It is a baseless accusation, we don’t need anymore MPs. We have around 280, they only have 210, we don’t need them.”

The deputy party leader also denied rumours that the recent leadership struggle inside the party was about administering the 1.9 trillion baht fund.

“It is an internal party matter and it will make our party stronger,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the outside, it is an internal matter.”

Paibul was recently appointed by the government to an oversight committee which will oversee and be a watchdog for possible corruption related to the 1.9 trillion baht.

He told Thai Enquirer that he would conduct the committee in a transparent manner and “help the people.”


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