Opinion: Liverpool have won a league title after 30 years; When does Thailand get a win?

Liverpool have finally done it. On Friday morning (Thailand time), the reds finally broke the curse and won a league title after a 30 year wait.

To put that into footballing terms, the last time the reds won the league title in 1990, the premier league was still a concept, there was no Champions League, Maradona led Argentina to the world cup finals, and Trent Alexander-Arnold’s parents had not yet even met.

To put that into Thai perspective, the last time Liverpool won the league, Chatichai Choonhavan was Prime Minister.

He had been prime minister for two years and was the first democratically elected leader in a decade. Chatichai was also, in 1990, only a year from being deposed by a military coup led by Suchinda Kraprayoon.

The more things change

So how much have things actually changed?

In the past 30 years, the country has undergone vast economic transformation and has moved steadily towards middle income status. Infrastructure projects throughout the country have improved travel and inter-connectivity. The rise of private corporations have seen Thai brands and names matter on an international scale.

But politically, it seems, the more things change, the more they are the same. The problems which led to the coup of 1991 and the political crisis of 1992 seem to be happening all over again.

Once again, the country has been taken over by a clique of the military. Unlike 1992, the clique successfully forced their way into power and have managed to last the better part of a decade.

Yet all is not well at the top, the currents which brought down the Suchinda government in 1992 is flowing with pace once again.

Students and the middle class, unhappy with the abuse of power by the current military-aligned government, have begun protests that could see a political crisis before long.

It may have taken the reds 30 years to win a title but it has taken Thailand 88 years (and counting) to try and find a way to real democracy. Hopefully it doesn’t take that much longer.

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