Thai Enquirer stands with the staff of Al Jazeera in Malaysia

The editorial staff of Thai Enquirer would like to express its solidarity and support of Al Jazeera staff in Malaysia currently being persecuted by the Malaysian government over their document on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the migrant worker community in Malaysia.

The government has not only used its propaganda arm to criticize the report have opened an investigation into the news organization for sedition, defamation and violation of the country’s media laws.

The Thai Enquirer would like to remind the Malaysian government that journalism is not a crime and that free investigation and inquiry is necessary in all functional democracies.

While Thai Enquirer understands why the current ruling party is afraid of media, given the role that free media played in its previous downfall, the value of free press is indispensable in holding all power-holders to account.

We call on the government to drop its investigation and to call for an end to the harassment faced by Al Jazeera staff working in Malaysia.

Cod Satrusayang
Editor in Chief

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