Somkid ready for cabinet reshuffle and all eventualities

Somkid Jatusripitak, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs, said on Friday that he has been ready for a possible cabinet reshuffle since 2019.

“I have been ready since last year,” he told reporters before his meeting with economic ministers and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha’s economic advisers. 

His comments came after four members of his economic team resigned from the ruling Palang Pracharat Party on Thursday. 

Their departures signal a possible cabinet shakeup which was confirmed by Prayut on Thursday.

The prime minister said it was now possible because of “political mechanism.”    

Somkid said on Friday that the four members of his economic team did not discuss their resignation with him but their departure was on good terms.

He added that he is getting old and he has “given up” for so many years already.

When asked if he would stay on as the deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs if the members of his economic team are no longer part of the next cabinet, Somkid said it will be up to the PM.

“My mission from now on is to take care of my own health,” Somkid said in response to whether he has accomplished the missions he had set up prior to joining Prayut’s administration.


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