Opinion: Criticisms of the student movement shows government’s insecurity

Coup-makers can keep on underestimating the student protestors by calling them a “cute little mob” but history has proven otherwise.

The comment made by the former spokeswoman of the army could also, however, show that the coup-makers are actually scared of this movement which was why they played it down. 

Either way, they are surely unsettled by this development as proven by the follow-up comments and by the public’s insistence that these kids don’t know anything. 

For me, they are the clueless ones, and the most hopeless comment of the week was not from the former spokeswoman but from the current spokesman, Colonel Winthai Suwaree. 

“The army is not barring any of its personnel from making comments that are beneficial to the society and the country,” he said. “If we stop them, wouldn’t that be against civil right?”

First of all, I would like to see Winthai allow soldiers that do not agree with the previous coup to say something without being court-martialed. 

But we all know that such a thing would never be allowed to happen under the current regime.

Second of all, hearing a spokesperson, who was the mouthpiece of the previous coup-makers, say anything about human rights is laughable and sickening at the same time.

Where were the rights of the voters when you overthrew various elected governments so that you can put yourself in power?

Where were the rights of the Thai people when you tore down their social contracts so that you can keep on writing new ones for your own good?

Where were the rights of the people who you used draconian laws to harass, suppress and incarcerate? 

Where was Wanchalearm Satsaksit’s right to live?

What about the two students who were seen recently holding up signs with comments against your dear leader? You ordered the police to take them away. Where were their civil rights? 

Where is the right to freedom of expression and the students’ right to assembly? 

Why are you telling them to go home and be quiet under the guise of the State of Emergency and the police state when you are the one letting in the virus in Rayong because of your precious guests? 

The students are angry because they can see that the society is being controlled by a small group of people who appointed themselves as ministers, lawmakers and members of the Privy Council.

They want the military government to step down and give back the people’s right to vote for a new civilian government. 

They want to draft a new social contract so that the rules we agree to live by and the rules of the law could be fairer without any interference from the coup-makers.

If Winthai really wants to talk about human rights violations, he should take a hard look in the mirror to find the real violator.

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