Red Bull parent company tries to distance itself from car-crash heir after boycott threats

Red Bull’s parent company in Thailand, TCP Group, released a public statement distancing itself from Vorayuth Yoovidhya who was revealed this week to have been acquitted for a traffic incident which left a police officer dead.

Vorayuth was wanted for hitting and killing a policeman with his luxury sports car in the early morning of September 3, 2012. Local media reported at the time that he may have been under the influence.

Attempts to cover up the crime led to the suspension of a police officer and sparked outraged in Thailand where wealthy and powerful individuals are rarely held to account for traffic accidents.

The case also sparked scrutiny of Thailand’s large income divide, the Yoovidhya family is estimated to be worth $13.1 billion in a country where the average daily income is slightly more than 10 dollars per day.

TCP Group’s statement attempted to distance itself from the incident after social media boycott threats by saying that Vorayuth had little influence in the company.

” TCP Group would like to clarify that Mr. Vorayuth Yoovidhya has never assumed any role in the management and daily operations of TCP Group, was never a shareholder, nor has he held any executive position within TCP Group,” the group said.

“The company would like to state that we are fully aware of the situation and truly understand consumer sentiments regarding the incident,” the statement went on to say.


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