Protests continue across Thailand for a second successive weekend

Student-led anti-government protests continued for a second successive weekend around the country as calls increase for the Prayut Chan-ocha government to step down.

Hundreds of people rallied at universities in Bangkok, Chanthaburi, Khon Kaen and Lopburi to call for a rewriting of the constitution and for the government to step down.

The student-led protests took a creative turn with protesters holding fun-runs and dance offs as an outlet for their frustrations with the government.

The protesters say that the Prayut administration is illegitimate because it was formed on the back of a military-backed constitution which allows the armed forces to appoint the upper House of Parliament.

The upper-house unanimously voted for General Prayut, the former coup-leader, to become prime minister.

The protesters at the weekend’s demonstrations also pointed to the dissolution of the Future Forward Party as a major point of contention. Many first time voters chose the Future Forward Party to represent their anti-military and anti-government sentiments.

Deputy Prime Minister Anuthin Charnvirakul became the highest ranking government official to comment on the protest. He said that while the government must listen to the protesters, students must also take precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus.


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