New hashtag trends on Twitter as Thai students rip apart discriminatory Thai curriculum in support of LGBTQ+ rights

A new hashtag #เราไม่ใช่ตัวประหลาด (We are not weird) trends on Twitter as LGBTQ+ supporters and protesters marched to the Ministry of Education on Wednesday to protest the traditional and discriminatory Thai curriculum.

The students are submitting a petition to end the unequal treatment of LGBTQ+ students in Thailand. 

The four demands to the Ministry of Education include:

  • Revision on grooming standards
  • Revision on uniform/dress code standards
  • Accurate and correct understanding of LGBTQ+ community and rights
  • Non-discriminatory treatment towards the LGBTQ+ community

They added that they have submitted the petition three times already throughout July – but to deaf ears.

The demonstrators, made up of mostly students, have also been dubbed as ‘กลุ่มนักเรียนเลว’ (bad students) merely for demanding equal rights.

One student demonstrated their disapproval by tearing an outdated textbook that stated: “those who have a different gender identity from their biological sex are disgusting beings.”

One student demonstrated by stripping their male uniform into a female school uniform in front of the ministry and crowd, later exclaiming “because I have chosen so.” 

Thai netizens took to Twitter and social media in support of this new brave movement.

“The job of a teacher is to teach and support. The wisdom of a teacher is to know how to support the different changes and processes their students go through to reach their full potential,” one Twitter account reads. “This is not to enforce rules and regulations to persecute and reason them as being rules. Thai students are brave and bold, just like all the students out there. I stand with all the young students and hope they stay safe.”

Labelled as “Pride March”, the demonstration began at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday in front of the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall.

Protesters and attendees were encouraged to bring their rainbow-clad props, signs, and outfits in support of pride.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter user: @chitedsirisak]
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