Senior advisors inside government float idea of early dissolution, fresh elections

Senior coalition partners told Thai Enquirer on Wednesday that the government has considered the idea of dissolving the house and letting an interim government handle constitutional change before fresh elections.

Senior members of Bhumjai Thai and the Democrat Party told Thai Enquirer on the condition of anonymity that senior advisors inside the government have presented the option to the cabinet for consideration including appealing directly to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan.

“It is the one scenario that avoids a prolonged, potentially bloody conflict that could damage the economy further,” said one senior Democrat party member.

“It is the one option that makes sense; we can let the people decide,” he told Thai Enquirer.

It is understood though that the both General Prawit and General Prayut were against the idea as the cabinet was just reshuffled and the new leadership has not yet been able to implement their ideas and put key people in various economic posts.

Sources told Thai Enquirer that the government thinks it can prolong its stay in power by holding forums and engaging in dialogue with the students.

The government currently holds a majority in the lower house, while the appointed upper house will not break away from the ruling-party line as General Prawit hand-selected them.


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