“We know we’re evil” Thai student protesters poke fun at adults with latest viral hashtag

Thai students are poking fun at Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and the conservative Thai establishment with the latest viral hashtag on Twitter.

As of Wednesday morning, the hashtag หนูรู้หนูมันเลว (We know we’re evil) was trending on Thai Twitter with over 60,000 tweets.

Students were responding to various comments made by conservative figures in Thai society that they were being led astray by outside forces in their protest.

For the past two months, student-led protests have engulfed the nation with rallies carried out throughout the country demanding constitutional change and fresh elections.

Students have touched upon subjects previously thought taboo to discuss in Thai society including the role of the monarchy and other conservative institutions in governance.

Police and state security forces have used scare tactics and arrest warrants to try and quell the tide of protest, charging some student-leaders with sedition and illegal assembly.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha told reporters that he believed the students were being led, in part, by anti-establishment dissidents living abroad who wished to harm the country.

His statement echoes those of the army chief and other members of the cabinet who say that the students were being guided by a mysterious third hand while other conservative media figures have blamed the United States and the CIA for funding and influencing the students.

On Wednesday, the students poked fun at this and other rumors with the hashtag, telling the critical adults they know they’re evil but they couldn’t help it.


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