Pheu Thai under criticism from progressives for not pushing through charter amendments

The largest opposition party has come under criticism from its opposition partners and progressive voices in Thai society for its hesitancy in pushing for censure debates and a parliamentary debate on the constitution.

The Pheu Thai Party has preferred creating a new constitutional drafting body which will take care of charter amendments while the more progressive Move Forward Party say that they want to quickly amend constitutional clauses related to the military-appointed senate, specifically the senate’s ability to vote for the next prime minister.

It is not the first time the two largest opposition parties have not seen eye-to-eye. Pheu Thai has also not backed Move Forward’s proposal which would allow MPs from the lower house to amend all clauses of the constitution including sections 1 and 2 which are related to Thailand’s status as a constitutional monarchy.

Pheu Thai has balked at the prospect and reiterated privately and publicly that Thailand must maintain its status as a monarchical society.

Prayut backs charter rewrite

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said this week that he viewed the constitutional amendment as a priority and as a reconciliatory way forward after months of student-led anti-government protests.

The prime minister said that the ruling coalition would soon present their own ideas regarding charter amendments and would reveal them shortly.

Privately, sources within the ruling Palang Pracharath Party have told Thai Enquirer that the cabinet wants to hold on to the Senate as long as possible and will negotiate around the issue as they see the upper house as vital in their plans to prolong their rule.


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