Thai netizens target Thai members of K-Pop bands for not speaking on pro-democracy protests

Young Thai internet users have begun targeting Thai members of K-Pop bands on Monday for not speaking out on pro-democracy issues. Some netizens asked why celebrities have spoken up on previous issues like the Black Lives Matters protests but Thai idols were not.

Among those targeted was, Lalisa (Lisa) Manoban of Blackpink and Kunpimook “Bambam” Bhuwakul of GOT7.

Thai netizens are saying that Lisa and other Thai idols in South Korea are not doing enough to address the ongoing protests and the current government’s repressive acts against dissidents in Thailand.

K-Pop members are rarely allowed to speak out on such matters by their labels and managers.

This online campaign is part of similar campaigns in the past month where netizens have already targeted businesses and local celebrities that they believe are supporting Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and his government.

*Correction: Article originally misidentified K-Pop stars of speaking out on Black Lives Matter.


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