Ridiculing the top 5 conspiracy theories surrounding the student protesters

For the past 3 months, pro-democracy student-protests have gripped the nation and spread throughout the country. The students have held massive rallies calling for a change not just in the constitution and the government but in the relationship between the governed and the governors.

The students have touched upon previously taboo topics in Thai society and in doing so have unearthed a hornets nest of angry old aunties and uncles who are calling them disloyal and sharing conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory about the student leaders.

Here are some of our favorites:

The student-leaders are being funded by the CIA along with protesters in Hong Kong and the Philippines to bring about democracy and counter China!

There is undoubtedly a loose alliance between the students across the region both in their anti-communism views and also in their pro-democracy standings. But do we really need the CIA to tell us that totalitarianism is bad? Do we need the Americans to tell us that building concentration camps and locking up students and disappearing dissidents is a morally terrible thing?

Do we need Americans to tell us that democracy is worth fighting for and pluralism beats military dictatorships every time?

Not only is this conspiracy theory patently false, its also insulting the intellect of anyone tied to the Milk Tea Alliance.

They’re also basing the theory on a picture with the US Ambassador at the students. Because diplomatic missions don’t meet with all sides. You know they meet with Palang Pracharat, Royalists and other conservatives too right?

Penguin was sent to a CIA training camp in the US and sent back to lead a revolution to topple the institution.

Fattest damn secret agent I’ve ever seen.

Thaksin is paying the student protesters and paying for the costs of the protest

At this point Thaksin has paid not only every student protester but every red shirt, every placard, every banner, every Sith Lord, every assassin sent to kill Jason Bourne.

Of course they never mention who pays the government for concessions, duty frees, oil deals, you know, that type of thing?

No, Thanathorn is paying for everything

At this point Thanathorn is just following the Thaksin beats isn’t he? Thrown out of parliament, court cases, banned from politics. How long before land deals are found out and he’s tried for corruption?

Thai conspiracy theorists aren’t very creative.

The left-wing media has been bought out by the US and GEORGE SOROS

Still waiting for my Soros check. By the way, who has bought out the right wing media? Who advertises on Nation TV?

Who has bought out the Nation Group as a whole? Who owns Bangkok Post now? Why do they constantly keep praising General Coup-maker Prayut Chan-ocha.

I like that the crazies go for the conspiracy theory stuff but refuse to acknowledge their own sides failing especially when no conspiracy theory is needed.

It’s a bit ridiculous at this point.


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