Opinion: People like the owner of the Sarasas schools are the reason students are protesting against the education system

Kanokwan Wilawan, the deputy education minister, who is leading an investigation into the alleged wrongdoings of Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphruek School, said during an interview with Thairath TV on Tuesday that Piboon Yongkamol, the founder and president of the privately run Sarasas schools, is unfit to be working in education.

We can’t help but agree. For those that don’t know, here is what happened.

Apparently it was not an isolated incident either and a quick investigation by the media and the authorities that there have been cases of abuse at 34 out of 45 Sarasas schools throughout the country.

But rather than being contrite and looking to reform the schools inside his system, the owner of the Sarasas schools blamed everyone from parents to politicians for the abuses going on inside his places of learning.

Piboon said in the interview that these parents who asked for the school to close down and for high compensation “use their feet instead of their head” to think.

He said on Channel 3 on Thursday that he does not care if Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphruek School, where the first report of abuses surfaced, was shut down because he can make more profit from selling the land than operating the school.

Don’t get too upset watching the clip below.

Keep in mind that there are currently 91,500 students enrolled in Sarasas schools. Tens of thousands of families who have entrusted this man with the safety and education of their children.

These schools have been making hundreds of millions baht worth of profits per year for nearly a decade including 367 million baht worth in 2019.  

With people like Piboon running the education system, could you blame the students for rising up and demanding education reform? Could you blame them for loud and angrily shouting about the abuse that they have suffered from elementary school through to university.

The students that suffered from abuse at these schools were not protesting high schoolers. They were not rambunctious teenagers. They were elementary school children, toddlers who didn’t know any better. That there have been reports of abuse at over half of Paiboons schools means there is systematic negligence inside the administration and systematic abuse inside the classroom.

This man doesn’t deserve to run any schools much less 45 of them.

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