Pro-democracy leaders under fire for tone-deaf sexually suggestive comments on social media

Several Thai male pro-democracy activists are under fire for making inappropriate comments on social media which have led to incidents of sexual harassment.

The pushback started when Anon Numpa, an activist and human rights lawyer, commented at Panusaya ‘Rung’ Sithijirawattanakul’s on Facebook about a speech she made about parliament in which she accused the government of being dicks.

Anon said that if she ran out of dicks she can come to him as he has many.

Many twitter users dug out other Arnon’s posts including speeches from other male activists to criticize their ignorance on the topics related to sexual equality and harassment.

One of Arnon’s status’ alluding to anal sex and prison was criticized in social media, with many accusing Anon of making fun of rape culture.

As a response, Arnon made an apology via Twitter on Monday that he was sorry and promised to be careful about what he says in the future.

“At first I didn’t think about it, but when someone warns me that it is contrary to the democracy movement, I agree with them,” Arnon wrote on Twitter.

Panupon ‘Mike’ Jaadnok, another pro-democracy activist, has been called out after an inappropriate joke on twitter.

Later, he said in his tweet that “all should not be too dramatic” and “we are all the same”.

Meanwhile, Bad Students’ leader, Lopnapat Wangpaisit or ‘Min’, has also been accused of sexual harassment via online chat to a younger member of the Bad Students group.

As a result, Lopnapat has made a video of him apologizing to the victim and supporters.

It is not the first time the student leaders have been accused of being tone-deaf when it comes to sexually inappropriate comments.

Prominent student protest leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak has previously been called out for supporting his friend following rape allegations.

One of his friend allegedly coerced his girlfriend to have sex without consent, in which Penguin tried to minimize the severity of the case.


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