[Breaking] Twitter reveals 926 social media accounts run by the Thai Army to discredit political opponents

Twitter revealed on Thursday that it had uncovered a network of accounts “partaking in information operations” against prominent anti-government figures and opposition politicians.

According to the social media giant’s safety page, the company discovered 926 accounts which could be “reliably link[ed] to the Royal Thai Army and was actively engaged in information warfare against the government’s political opposition.

The full list of accounts associated with the RTA can be found here. Twitter said it would continue to take action against the network as it uncovers further details.

Student and anti-government protests have gripped the country for the past three months with demonstrators calling for a new constitution and the military-backed government to step down.

Students have raised concerns in the media and during the protests about propaganda campaigns conducted by the government to delegitimize their movement and possibly insight violence towards the protesters.

Such notions are not far fetched as historic crackdowns by the government against previous student demonstrations have resulted in mass killings on university campuses, most notably one on October 6, 1973.

In this file photo taken on October 6, 1976, shirtless students lie facedown on the ground, with their hands behind their heads, as police stand guard on the Thammasat University campus in Bangkok, when students protesting the return of a military dictator were shot, beaten to death and lynched by state forces and royalist mobs.

The revelations by Twitter on Thursday will likely back up the student’s and opposition politician’s claims that they have been targeted by the government for harassment.

Previous leaks pointing to an information campaign by the army was dismissed by the prime minister and the army commander who denied such campaigns existence. The Royal Thai Army and the government spokesman could not be contacted at the time of writing.


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