The state of emergency decree and the new selfie rule

Here is a list of activities that the Prayut Chan-ocha administration has made illegal due to growing protests and the imposition of their state of emergency decree.

Under the decree, these activities are prohibited from October 15 to November 13, 2020;

  1. The assembly or gathering of five persons and more
  2. Actions that would incite conflict
  3. Distribution of letters and publications, including electronic data, which may instigate fear among the people, or is intended to distort information which misleads understanding of the emergency situation to the extent that is affecting state security
  4. The use of routes, vehicles, or public transports under prescribed conditions and period
  5. The use of buildings, or enter into or stay in any place under prescribed conditions and period

New order:

A recently imposed new order has also made it illegal for people to take and post selfies of the protests on their personal social media.

Those found in violation could face 2 years jail term and a fine of up to 40,000 baht.

Local news has reported that more than then ten individuals have already been arrested for violating the selfie-rule as of Friday.

Sweeping Legal Powers

The new state of emergency rules allows authorities to arrest and detain suspects for up to 30 days without charge – suspending habeas corpus.

The police can also confiscate any communication tools, including smartphones and weapons or products that are being used to support actions that are in violation of the emergency orders.

News outlets can be temporarily shut down if they produce fake news or information that can lead to conflict. The state will decide what is and is not fake news.

Soldiers are allowed under the emergency decree to be mobilized in quelling dissent.

Military camps can serve as makeshift prisons.


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