Government going after Free Youth Facebook page and other platforms used to organize protests

Thailand’s student group Free Youth will have its Facebook page shutdown, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DE) said on Wednesday.

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha’s administration said on Monday that they are investigating and possibly shutting down several Thai online platforms inciting unrest or used by pro-democracy protestors including the Standard, the Reporters, Prachathai, Voice TV, Free Youth, and the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration. 

On Tuesday, the ministry said that the Criminal Court issued an order to shut down Voice TV’s online platforms for spreading content that could lead to national division.

Now, the government is after the ways that protesters are communicating to one another and organizing the demonstrations.

Asides from shutting down the Free Youth Facebook page, the government has also asked that telegram servers be blocked in the country to prevent protesters from organizing more rallies.

Puchapong Nodthaisong, DE’s deputy permanent-secretary, said that the ministry had asked issued at least 1,000 takedown but providers such as Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube have only partially complied.

The digital ministry has previously said that any Thai found posting selfies or content which promotes anti-government activity will face jail time and a fine.


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