Senate holds rally to reaffirm allegiance to crown and country

Thailand’s military-appointed senators gathered at the Secretariat of the Senate on Thursday pledging to protect and uphold the monarchy.

The senators organized the activity to show support for the royal institution which they argue is necessary to Thai society and culture. The activity was joined by both the senators and civil servants working at the secretariat.

“It is known that democracy with the monarchy as head of state is written in every constitution in Thailand. This includes the 2017 constitution which states in article two that Thailand is a democracy with the monarchy as head of state, and article three which states that sovereignty belongs to the people and the monarch is able to exert legislative power through parliament,” said Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, the President of the Senate.

“The Senate needs to act according to the law, including articles two and three of the constitution.”

The senate, its appointment by the military and its allowance in the 2017 charter to help select the prime minister are contentious issues highlighted by student-protesters. The demonstrations have called on a rewriting of the charter and getting rid of the senate as it is constituted.


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