Pheu Thai opposes government plans to set up a committee to solve political situation

Thailand’s largest opposition party Pheu Thai Party asked for the prime minister to immediately resign on Wednesday and said the government’s plans to set up a committee to help resolve the ongoing political crisis was just to ‘buy time.’

Prasert Jantararuangtong, Pheu Thai’s secretary-general, told reporters that the decision to form a committee was useless. Instead the government should hand in their resignation.

“General Prayut must resign because he is the root cause to all problems,” he said. “If he does not resign, nothing will be fixed and there is chance that the situation will escalate and spread out beyond control.”

The party urged for the government to immediately and unconditionally release all pro-democracy protestors and their leaders that are currently incarcerated.

For the amendment of the constitution, the party proposed getting rid of Section 272 which would strip the military-appointed senate of its powers to help select the prime minister.

The party also recommended changing Section 270 and 271 which allows the senate to veto any reformation in the country. They also wish to remove Section 279 which dictates that any action and order that were given by the previous junta, the National Council for Peace and Order, are above the law.  

“General Prayut’s decision not to resign is the greatest example of him selfishly holding on to power regardless of what is going on in the country,” a statement released by the party said.

“This goes to show that the current government truly does not care about the people’s problems.”


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