Opinion: Government propaganda is creating rifts in society

If you want to know what is really happening in Thailand right now then here it is, General Prayut Chan-ocha is tearing this country apart to hold onto his power.

He only has power because he overthrew a democratically elected government in 2014. He then ordered his goons to write a new constitution, set up a new party full of thugs, and rigged the election so that he can say he is ‘elected.’

His government then destroyed the economy and arrested all that opposed him.

Because of Prayut, there is now a crisis of faith in the police, the prosecutors, the judicial system, and the monarchy institution that he dragged down and tied himself to in order to legitimize his rule.

To make matters worse, the government’s propaganda and the military’s information warfare campaigns against civilians are creating an untraversable divide within Thai society.

To those that still believe in this government, Prayut is using you, wake up. Stop listening to the propaganda!

If you think that beating up high-school and university students to protect the crown is right that somehow that crown is tied to these generals then you’ve bought into the propaganda.

Does throwing a speaker at a 19-year-old female university student make one a hero or a coward?

Police Major General Rianthong Nanna, the yellowest man in the kingdom, even said that he is willing to kill and lay down his life to protect the monarchy and Prayut by extension.

And you do not have to wait long before totally delusional celebrities, fueled by this propaganda, come out to call pro-democracy protestors the “evil anti-monarchists.”

Bin Banluerit’s choice of words recently goes to show how far-reaching conservative propaganda is. His comments that the ten-point demand to lower the monarchy is “impossible” shows that he did not even read the demands.

His threat to slap pro-democracy protestors if they insult the monarchy led a crazy woman to slap a high-school kid in the face because the girl did not stand up for the national anthem.

The actor also said that tens of millions of people who are the “silent majority” in this country are ready to come out to protect the monarchy. 

On the contrary, I believe the majority of the people in this country are full of people, including royalists, who are willing to listen to each other and are peaceful.

But, I do not blame people who believe in the lies. I blame the junta-leader and the ones spreading those lies.

The high level of hatred within this society is caused by Prayut and his propaganda machine. That machine says that the students are all violent anti-monarchists.

The reality is that the dictator does not care about the crown, he is only using it to hold on to his power. That is why there are all these lies, that is why they’re ignoring the student’s speeches that call for reform, not revolution.

The latest piece of propaganda that caught my attention was an article written by Arnond Sakworawich, an assistant professor at the National Institute of Development Administration, that was published in the Manager on Wednesday.

The article was titled, “What parents should do so their kids don’t go to die at a political rally”.

Arnond, without proof, continues the government propaganda that there are a group of people who are using high school and university kids to topple the monarchy institution. 

He said they are doing this by saying that everyone is a leader.

It is obvious that he has not been to a rally or listen to any speeches.

If he did then he would know that no one is behind them except their ideology. He also fails to understand that the campaign for everyone to be a leader is meant to destroy decades of brainwashing, to make people realize the truth that everyone is equal.

Arnond then went on to say that this hidden hand will eventually kill the children themselves so that they can parade around the corpses in order to bring out more people to protest against the government and the crown.

People believe this stuff?

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