Opinion: Instead of morally preaching about Pornhub, the government should fix sex-education

As a father of a five year old boy, here is my response to Buddhipongse Punnakanta, the Digital Economy and Society Minister, who said that people with children will understand the government’s reasons why they shutdown Pornhub. 

No, I do not understand what you mean.

Your reasoning that the government is shutting down a porn website to protect my child does not make sense because I know of parent control technology. I sure hope that the DE minister also knows about this.

Also, given his logic, every porn site should be shut down not just Pornhub. Could it be that there is an ulterior motive for just shutting down Pornhub and risking the ire of internet trolls and student demonstrators alike?

And instead of morally preaching to parents and children about the dangers of porn, perhaps we should listen to what the students protesting have to say about the subject matter.

If you listen closely enough, what you’ll hear is that they want a reform of the education system and in this particular issue, better sex-education that does not see masturbation and sex as taboo. 

“I do not believe that the minister [doesn‘t masturbate],” one of the female high school student speakers said at a protest the day after Pornhub was banned.

“It is normal for the body to crave for a release, it is part of our brain function to make us happy,” she added. 

I want a system where parent control technology is promoted. 

I want a system which concentrates on teaching about safe sex to prevent STDs and teenage pregnancy instead of some old archaic BS about celibacy.

I want a system where women are free to abort unwanted pregnancy without being stigmatized for the rest of their life. 

And I want a government that asks for the opinion and consent of the people first before they go ahead and decide everything for themselves, including who to runs the country. 

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