Royalist group to mobilize and confront pro-democracy demonstrators 

The leader of the Thai Pakdee group said on Monday that Thailand shall no longer tolerate the pro-democracy student movement and the group will mobilize to counter the ongoing student-led demonstrations. 

Set up by Dr Warong Dechgitvigrom, the Thai Pakdee Group is known for its ultra-royalist stance and pro-Prayut Chan-ocha views. 

In his statement this morning Warong said that last night’s protest was the last straw for lovers of the monarchy. 

“The events of last night (November 8) have caused great pain for my Thai brothers and sisters throughout the entire country,” Warong posted on his Facebook page. 

“In spite of his Majesty’s mercy, and his efforts to not mind any of those who offended him and not apply Section 112…these groups of people are unworthy…”

Warong called for rallies and confrontation with the student-led demonstrations. Fears of clashes between the two groups have prompted the massive deployment of security officials at rally sites. 

Royalist mobs have been used by Thai governments in past protests to harass and demonize pro-democracy protests, most notably in October 6, 1976 where royalist agent provocateurs led to a massive crackdown by security officials. 

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