Anon Numpha: the only way out is for society to “compromise” as per King’s suggestion

Pro-democracy movement leader and human rights lawyer Anon Numpha said in a statement on Monday that the only way to resolve the current political crisis in Thailand is for both sides to “compromise” – as per HM the King’s suggestion.

The statement came following a rally by royalist groups in front of the Government House and the Royal Thai Army headquarters.

The demonstrators delivered a petition to the government calling for another coup and shutdown of the country in order to end the current pro-democracy movement.

Anon Numpha, who was released from prison for participating and leading the movement earlier this month, said on his personal Facebook page that now was the time for compromise.

“A coup would wreak havoc on all of us,” he said. “The way out for society is in fact compromise, as the King has said. This is now only a matter of how.”

The post has already garnered over 13k likes and 400 shares on Facebook.


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