Rap Against Dictatorship’s new single hits 200k views in less than five hours

Rap Against Dictatorship (RAD)’s new single, “ปฏิรูป” or “Reform”, reached 200,000 views on YouTube in less than five hours after its debut on Friday.

The group is known for its previous hit-single, “ประเทศกูมี” or “My Country Has”, which was uploaded in October 2018 and has since been viewed more than 93.5 million times on the social media platform.

The older song, which addresses and reflects what the rappers sees as injustices in the Thai society, became a much repeated anthem for the current pro-democracy movement.

Its popularity led to the arrest of Dechathorn “Hockey” Bamrungmuang, RAD’s co-founder and rapper, on August 19.

He was charged with sedition which made him one of the three musicians out of 40 protest leaders and supporters who have been charged with the violation of Section 116 of the Criminal Code which carries a maximum sentence of up to seven years in jail. He is currently out on bail.

The new song “Reform” touches upon similar themes and motifs with the rappers pointing out the need for reform in Thailand and the wrongs of the military-backed Prayut Chan-ocha regime.


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