Students call for massive protest ahead of parliament vote

Student pro-democracy demonstrators are calling for a large scale rally outside of parliament as the lower house prepares to deliberate charter amendments on Tuesday.

The students say they want a “massive demonstration” to put pressure on parliament to amend the constitution.

Student-led protests have gripped the country for the past four months with students demanding an end to military interference in politics. They are calling for the removal of the Prayut Chan-ocha government which took power during a military coup and manipulated the legislature to remain in power after elections. The students have also called for reformation of the country’s once-sacred royal institution.

Their final demand is to fix or rewrite the current constitution which was drafted by the military and allows the army to handpick all 250 members of the upper house senate. The charter also allows the senators to vote for the prime minister.

The protesters say they will begin their rally on Tuesday at 3pm and stay until “the voting is complete,” something which will not happen until Wednesday.

Royalist protesters say they will also plan their own demonstrations to keep the current charter in place.

According to the right wing, royalist group Thai Phakdee, the current constitution and Prayut-led government is vital in protecting the royal institution and the monarch from the demonstrators.

The royalists plan to rally on Tuesday at 3 pm.


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