Opinion: Pheu Thai are fast becoming irrelevant and it is their own fault

If the Pheu Thai Party continues to be unsure and not willing to take a stand, they will lose more ground to the Move Forward Party.

And if they continue to leave the people who voted for them behind, they will find no ground to stand in the future at all.

On November 17, the police were firing water cannons and tear gas at pro-democracy protestors for seven hours.

They said the protest was illegal and the protestors were dismantling their barriers so they had to use force to stop it.

The police said the protest was illegal because the protest leaders from Ratsadon did not ask for permission but everyone knows that even if they asked, the police will not give them approval anyway.

The barriers were also not needed in the first place because the protestors were not planning on storming the building.

What the police should have been doing was to make sure that there will be no clash between different groups.

But they failed to do that.

The situation escalated from there until around 5 p.m. when pro-monarchy demonstrators and pro-democracy protestors began to clash with each other at Kiak Kai intersection.

By then, senators and members of parliament were starting to make their way out via the pier at the back of the parliament.

There was no surprise that junta-appointed senators and MPs from the coalition would make their way out first but to the surprise of many, the escapees also include the majority of Pheu Thais’ MPs.

Kudos to Move Forward’s MPs who stayed behind and came to the frontline to try and negotiate with the police to stop using force on protestors.

Even if their efforts were to no avail, I am sure their voters will remember it.

On the other hand, I am also sure that the people who voted for Pheu Thai will also remember seeing their representatives leaving them behind to face police brutality when they were in no apparent danger.

Their initial hesitancy to endorse the people’s petition to rewrite the entire charter coupled with their cowardice is recorded down in history books for all to see.

What they will also see is the excuse made by Wan Yubamrung, son of PT’s heavyweight, Chalerm, who said that he would have gone to the frontline to tell the police to stop using forces on protestors but he chose not to because the police will not listen to the MPs anyway.

An excuse from a coward pretending to be tough.

The Pheu Thai Party can continue to condemn the Prayut’s government for attacking pro-democracy protestors after it already happened all they want but as we learned this past month, actions speak louder than words.

Thailand is not a land of compromise if the government continues to use forces and vague laws to harass and prosecute dissidents.

And if the Pheu Thai Party continues to be halfway-in halfway-out just to save their own skin, the people that have put their freedoms and lives on the line will no longer see them as a representative or an option but more of a deadweight.


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