[Update-1] Lazada blames third party for data leak; leak affects Shopee and Line as well, Lazada says

Following reports that Alibaba-owned e-commerce giants Lazada had suffered a data hack, the company said on Saturday that the leak was from a third-party provider and not in-house servers.

Up to 13 million accounts in Thailand were compromised by hackers triggering worries of compromised financial data and privacy details.

“Our investigation shows that the leak did not come from Lazada but a third-party provider,” Pimchaya Boonyarathapan, a Lazada public relations official, told Thai Enquirer.

When asked who was the third party provider, the rep said she did not know.

When asked if it was a password gateway or an outsourced Lazada module, the representative said it as under investigation.

“We are investigating our records at this time,” Pimchaya told Thai Enquirer early on Saturday. “The leaks were dated to 2018.”

Lazada said that it was not the only company affected by the hack and said that Line and Shopee were implicated as well.

Line and Shopee could not be contacted at the time of this article.

The e-commerce firm said in a statement that it was “a victim” and that data protection and privacy was a “top priority.”

The data breach comes just weeks after 1.1 million accounts tied to Lazada were hacked in Singapore where the company is based.

The company will hold a meeting between company representatives and the Thai digital ministry early next week.

Lazada is one of Thailand’s largest e-commerce gateways with hundreds of millions of baht in sales monthly.


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