Protest guards deny police claim that violence at Wednesday’s protest was from ‘infighting’

The leader of several groups of protest guards denied on Thursday and Friday police claims that violence that occurred during the end of Wednesday’s protests was due to infighting by several vocational protest groups.

The sound of gunshots and a small ‘ping-pong’ bomb rang out as the protests ended on Wednesday with the violence leaving at least one protest guard hospitalized in critical condition.

Police said on Thursday that the violence stemmed from infighting and rivalry between the various vocational student groups that make up the protest guards.

However, Kewlan Thanyacharoen, one of the leaders of the protest guards told reporters that the claims were invalid.

Kewlan and several other protest leaders say that CCTV footage released to the public showing the gunman and the bomber revealed that they were not wearing armbands that protest-guards must wear.

The protest leaders say they do not understand why the police would make such claims before investigating the matter fully.

Vocational students say they have put aside their difference to come together and protect the protesters against the military-backed government. [For more, please read here]


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