Thai government says no local transmission from Myanmar case yet, 13 new quarantine cases

Thailand’s government said on Thursday that it had discovered 13 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, including six illegal Thai returnees from Myanmar.

The six returnees are part of a group of ten Thai women who snuck back into the country through a natural crossing at the border between Tachilek in Myanmar and Mae Sai in Chiang Rai between November 23 and 27 before they went their separate way throughout the country.

All of them have tested positive for the virus and half of them were asymptomatic. The Ministry of Public Health said on Thursday that up to 699 people has come into contact with the Myanmar returnees. So far, no one has tested positive.

The ministry also said the ten confirmed cases do not count as local transmission cases as they have contracted the virus while in Myanmar and so far, there is no local infection case in Thailand that is related to these illegal returnees.

More than one thousand people in Chiang Rai have requested for free coronavirus testing in the past few days and all results have also turned up negative.

The ministry is now asking for around 180 Thai workers in Tachilek to come back via the normal entry point.

Of the ten illegal returnees, three of them tested positive in Chiang Rai, three in Chiang Mai, three in Phayao, and one each in Phichit, Ratchaburi, and the latest case in Bangkok that was announced on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old woman who tested positive in Bangkok arrived through the natural crossing on November 28 before arriving in Bangkok via Don Mueang Airport on November 29.

She took a taxi to a condo in Udomsuk District before testing positive for the virus at a private hospital in Bangna District on the same day.

All six of the illegal returnees, aged between 21 and 36, had worked at entertainment venues in Tachilek.

For the remaining seven confirmed cases that was found in state and alternative state quarantine, the patients are three Thai returnees from Netherlands (2), the United States (1) and Mexico (1) along with visitors from India (1), Sweden (1) and Pakistan (1).

The 13 new discoveries bring the total number of cases up to 4,039.

There were no new fatalities leaving the death toll at 60.

Ten new patients have recovered from the virus with the total number of discharged patients now at 3,832.

Currently, 147 people remain in the hospital.

Global Situation

There are now more than 64.8 million confirmed coronavirus cases globally. On Thursday, it was reported that 634,524 cases were found within the past 24 hours.

About 44.9 million people (69.3 per cent) have recovered from the disease and nearly 1.5 million (2.3 per cent) have died from it.

Currently, there are around 106,000 patients being treated as severe cases.

More than 14.3 million of the confirmed cases were found in the US alone with more than 279,000 deaths, followed by India (9.5 million / 138,000) and Brazil (6.4 million / 174,000).

Apart from the three countries, ten other countries have surpassed the one million mark – including Russia (2.3), France (2.2), Spain (1.68), UK (1.65), Italy (1.64), Argentina (1.4), Colombia (1.3), Mexico (1.1), Germany (1.10) and Poland (1.01).   

The US has recorded 203,427 confirmed cases with 2,831 deaths on Thursday followed by Brazil (48,124 / 669), India (33,761 / 498), Turkey (31,923 / 193) and Russia (25,345 / 589).

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Thailand finds 309 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours

Thailand’s government said on Friday that it had found 309 new coronavirus cases in the past 24...
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