Arts Events Guide for the Weekend of 4-6 December

Welcome to the latest edition of the weekend events guide, and congratulations for making it to December! The end of this strange year that feels like no other is finally in sight. For many, the next few weeks are a time to look back, and there a few events lined up this weekend that may help you think about how far (or not) our society has come in the past few years. 

As always, if you know of any events that you would like to see featured, please do not hesitate to send me a message on Twitter to @kevrpat!

Theater: Flu-Fool (2020 edition)

Where: Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC)

When: 5-13 December

Admission: 700 for adults, 550 for students, discounts occasionally available at the show’s event page on Facebook or at the troupe’s table at protest locations.

2020 is the year political demonstrations came back with a vengeance. It is therefore no surprise that B-floor Theater has chosen to revive “Flu-Fool,” their two-part show/commentary on the violent crackdown conducted by the military against red-shirt protestors in 2010. B-floor describes itself as “physical theatre company […] creating highly visual theatre combining movement and multimedia element stimulating social and political awareness.” The first part of the show, “Flu O Less Sense,” depicts 2010 Thailand as a society in the grip of a deadly pandemic that can only be eliminated by the government’s Centre for Resolution of Emergency Situation (the agency set up by then-Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva perhaps better known by its Thai name ศอฉ.). The second part, “Fool Alright,” is a dance celebrating how alright everything turned out to be. As many Thais’ understanding of the events of 2010 have changed over the past decade, Flu-Fool offers an excellent opportunity for many of us to think back to who we were ten years ago.

For more information, visit the event page at:

Exhibition: Our daddy always looks down on us 

Where: Cartel Artspace

When: 5 December – 24 January (Opening Reception on 5 December)

Admission: Free

This exhibition is based on a short thriller, “Patience is the Treasure of a Well-Mannered Person (การรอคอยคือสมบัติของผู้ดี)” that will be published as part of a collection of short stories early next year. The installation recreates a seminar that the protagonist finds himself in just as chaos erupts. Storytelling, mythmaking, and the creation of a national conscience are the main themes of this story and of the exhibition. The artist, Jirat Prasertsap, is a writer whose work focuses on contemporary political stories and satire.

For more information, visit the event page at:

FESTIVAL: Chiang Mai Design Week

Where: Across Chiang Mai, with most events being near TCDC Chiang Mai and the Three Kings Monument

When: 5 – 13 December

Admission: Varies

The Chiang Mai Design Week is back in town for another week of design-related exhibitions, workshops, and seminars. Among the many, many delectable crafts and cooking workshops on offer are some politically-relevant content such as a Circular Design Lab workshop, a critical practice discussion on how Thai design schools can better serve society, and an exhibition by local architecture students exploring how Chiang Mai’s Ratchadamnoen Road can be reimagined in a more sustainable and inviting way.

For more information, visit the event page at:

Compiled by Kevin Patumwat


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