Arts Events Guide for the Weekend of December 18-20

Welcome to the arts events guide for this last weekend before the Christmas/New Year holiday rush. As the year comes closer to an end, there are a few arts events for you to check out in between doing last minute shopping for gifts and holiday get-togethers.

If you know of any events that you would like to see featured, please drop me a message on Twitter at @kevrpat!

Film/Discussion: Ammonite

Where: House Samyan, Bangkok

When: 21 December, 19:35

“Ammonite” stars Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, and that alone should be enough reason for everyone to see it. The fact that the film is a beautiful period lesbian love story only adds to the appeal. Director Francis Lee, of “God’s Own Country” (2017) fame, brings the story of 19th century English paleontologist Mary Anning (played by Kate Winslet) to life. Anning’s Jurassic-era fossil discoveries changed the course of paleontology, but because she was an unmarried working-class woman, details about her personal life are scant. Nevertheless, there are enough details about her friendship with Frances Bell (played by Saoirse Ronan) that hint at an intense and emotional relationship.

House Samyan will be hosting a special screening on December 21, which will follow a discussion on famous women in history and how their achievements are forgotten.

Film: Feels Good Man

Where: Bangkok Screening Room

When: Multiple screenings into next week

There are few political symbols more notorious than Pepe the Frog, the mischievously smirking amphibian that appears in countless far-right memes. But Pepe did not start his life as an extremist icon. “Feels Good Man,” follows the story of Pepe’s creator, American cartoonist Matt Furie, who struggles to reclaim control over his beloved creation and “rescue” Pepe from the far-right. The 92-minute film is director Arthur Jones’ directorial debut, and offers not only a harrowing look at some of the Internet’s most hateful corners, but also presents a moving personal journey as the creator grapples with the possibility that his personal creation might never be able to be redeemed.

Bangkok Screening Room will be showing this film over this weekend and the coming week.

Film: BKK DOC 2020 International Documentary Film Festival

Where: Goethe Institut, Bangkok

When: 17 – 20 December

The Goethe Institut will be hosting a weekend of documentary screenings, featuring almost twenty films from directors around the world. Entries include films from Croatia, China, India, and Iran. All screenings are free of charge.

For further details, see:

Discussion: Thailand New Music and Art Symposium 2020: Human x Technology x Simulation

Where: Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC)

When: 18 – 20 December

This weekend, BACC will be hosting the 2020 edition of the Thailand New Music and Art Symposium. The three-day event is chock-full of performances and discussions; some sessions that may be of interest include “humanity vs technology” and “human and science.”

For further details, see:

Exhibition: Resilience and Uncertainty: Mekong Migrant Workers Amid the Pandemic Downturn

Where: Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC)

When: Until 20 December

Also at the BACC this weekend is a photo exhibition on migrant workers in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). This event is part of a visual storytelling project by the Mekong Migration Network (MMN), a regional group of nonprofits dedicated to advocating for migrant rights. The photos are accompanied by the personal narratives of the featured Cambodian and Myanmar migrants.

For further details, see:


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