[Update-1]Field hospitals set up in Samut Sakhon as operation in province “fully implemented”

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health told reporters that its operations in Samut Sakhon, where the second wave of infections started, was fully implemented and ready to deal with the outbreak in the province.

The latest wave of the pandemic began in migrant worker dormitories in Samut Sakhon before spreading to the rest of the country.

The Ministry of Public Health said on Sunday that it had discovered 87 new cases in Samut Sakhon bringing the total number of infected in the province to 1,455 cases. Most of the new cases were isolated to migrant worker dormitories which have been cordoned off by government officials.

However, since Sunday, the ministry has revealed that the Governor of Samut Sakhon has tested positive for the virus. Those that had come in close contact with the governor are now in quarantine or self-isolation including public health minister Anuthin Charnvirakul who had traveled to the province on Sunday to oversee the progress.

Courtesy of the Ministry of Public Health

Humanitarian Care

Anuthin had earlier told reporters that all the migrant worker’s humanitarian and health needs were being handled by the government and that field hospitals were ready to begin operations to help contain and treat the virus.

Those that were found infected with the virus and needing treatment would be evacuated from the migrant worker dormitories and treated in the field hospitals. Those that were asymptomatic would remain inside the dormitories.

Government spokesman Dr Thaweesin Visanuyothin told the public that the human rights of the workers was extremely important to the government and that they were obliging by international standards by adopting “the Singapore model.”

The government has also made appeals to the public to not discriminate against Myanmar and other migrant workers because they deserved sympathy and were a vital cog in Thailand’s economy.

Despite the government appeals, there have been instances of refusal of service and verbal abused aimed at migrant workers. The government said it would do its best to discourage such behavior and has repeated its appeal to treat the migrant workers with respect.


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