The government wants 40 million people to register for its tracing app; 132 new coronavirus cases

The government wants 40 million people to register to its contact tracing application to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

The ‘Mor Chana’ application has already been downloaded 4.8 million times, according to government spokesman Thaweesin Visanuyothin. But the number of people using the application must increase if the government wants to be able to trace the path of the disease.

“We want all people of working age to register for the application,” Thaweesin said during a nationally televised press conference.

Internet rights groups have expressed concerns about the application over privacy issues but those claims have been dismissed by the government. The Prime Minister’s Office has said that privacy concerns have been addressed in the development of the app and all data collection was anonymous.

New coronavirus numbers

The government said on Wednesday that it has discovered 132 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours with 132 local infection cases and 25 cases in state quarantine.

Of the 132 local infection cases, 90 were found in the general public while 42 were found through government testing in worker populations.

The most cases were found in Bangkok (24 cases), Samut Prakan (15 cases), and Samut Sakhon (35 cases).

The virus has now spread to 60 provinces with Phitsanulok the newest province to record a Covid-19 case.

The government said that 2,240 people were recovering in traditional hospitals while 1,511 people were being treated in field hospitals.

The government said that field hospitals were for people that were asymptomatic or in areas where access to hospitals was not immediately available.

Field hospitals are currently being set up around the country in case of emergencies, according to Thaweesin.


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