Netizens protest royal-insult law with viral hashtag

Thai internet users protested, on Wednesday, the country’s royal insult law using a viral hashtag after several leaders of the pro-democacy movement were jailed.

On Tuesday, Parit “Penguin” Chiwaruck, Anon Numpha, and two other pro-democracy leaders were charged with violating the country’s royal-insult law, Section 112 of the criminal code, during a protest last year.

The courts denied bail to the activists and all four were jailed immediately sparking impromptu protests and calls for the revocation of the law.

On Wednesday morning, the hashtag #ยกเลิก112 (#End112) had been tweeted over 155,000 times on Twitter.

The law, which has been called archaic and draconian by rights groups, could result in a jail term of up to 15 years.

Thai netizens pointed to the injustice of the charges and blamed the government and Thailand’s conservative institutions for using extreme means to preserve the status quo.


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