Censure debate unlikely to deliver any result for the opposition

Censure debates against the Prayut Chan-ocha government began on Wednesday with the opposition determined to point out poor governance by the ruling coalition especially in regards to its Covid-19 relief programs and its dealing with political protests.

Analysts agree however that the no-confidence motion is unlikely to shift the balance of power and that the government “still holds all the cards”

Wednesday motion began with the leader of the opposition Pheu Thai MP Sompong Amornvivat stating that the day marked “the beginning of the countdown towards the end of the Prayut Chan-ocha government.”

It is expected over the next few days that the opposition will focus on the dire economic situation with many Thais sliding back under the poverty line due to Covid-19 restrictions and the government’s failure to address their plight.

The Move Forward Party is also expected to bring up the government’s handling of pro-democracy protesters and the use of archaic lese majesty laws to prosecute the leaders of the movement.

While the issue has become a source of friction within the Move Forward Party itself, inside sources tell Thai Enquirer that the issue will still be brought forward during the debates.

Analysts, however, say that there is unlikely to be any shift of MPs or dissenting voices from within the governing coalition.

“The major coalition partners have all benefited from their time in government whether personally or politically,” said Thai political analyst Arun Saronchai.

“They have all signaled to the press in recent weeks that the debate will do nothing to change their minds so this is a done deal from the beginning. The government simply have all the numbers.”

The debate is set to run until the end of the week and result in a vote of no confidence against the censured cabinet officials and the government.


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