Troop movement seen overnight ahead of large anti-coup protests in Myanmar

Government troops were seen mobilizing overnight across several states in Myanmar ahead of planned anti-coup “2222” protests on Monday, prompting fears of continued security operations against peaceful pro-democracy protesters.

Several people have been killed by state action in Mandalay over the past weekend after police and soldiers fired live rounds into anti-coup demonstrations.

The protesters have been calling for the government Min Aung Hlaing to step down. The current junta toppled the previous elected government on February 1 and said it would rule for one year because of alleged electoral fraud by the ruling National League for Democracy Party.

Protests erupted almost immediately and have spread throughout the country including the ethnic states. Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets to oppose the military takeover.

The government has resorted to kidnapping and cutting off means of communications including blacking out the internet to stem the tide of protests.

On Sunday night and early Monday morning, Thai Enquirer contacts and journalists within Myanmar reported seeing government troops being mobilized to counter a general strike called on Monday.

The reports are so far unverified but analysts say they fear a large scale repeat of the violence that occurred in Mandalay.


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