The Siamese Satirist: The Wuhan Virus probably started in Denmark

Having investigated the origins of the Covid-19, scientists from across Asia are now saying that the pandemic probably originated from the European Country of Denmark before it reached the Chinese City of Wuhan.

“There is sufficient evidence to say that the virus probably started in Copenhagen before making its way to China,” said Dr Shin Occidentalist, of the Bangkok Institute for Generalizations.

“These European people have very bad hygiene, they touch each other all the time, and their outdoor markets are all the same,” said Occidentalist to the Siamese Satirist.

The new findings are at odds with comments made by Danish virologist Thea Fischer who had suggested that the virus began in Bangkok at the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

“These markets,” Fischer tweeted, “can be the starting point for pandemic viruses, as we have seen before as in the case of Sars.”

Dr Occidentalist said that Fischer was completely wrong (and her poor knowledge of geography was shocking as SARs started in Guangzhou) and that its was definitely Denmark where the virus started.

“While there is no direct proof that the virus started in Copenhagen, there is no direct proof either that it did not”, Dr Occidentalist told us by phone.

[Cover image is what all Asians look like according to Dr Fischer]


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